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Let's face reality.  The toilet is one of the most used appliances in your home.  And when problems occur you don't want to find yourself having to run down the street to a fast food restaurant or other place just to use the bathroom.  And even little problems can lead to big expensive problems if not addressed soon. 

Some Common Toilet Problems You May Be Experiencing Include:

 1. Constant Running
 2. Clogging
 3. Double Flushing
 4. Backflow Problems

If you're experiencing any of these problems call the professionals at Big Daddy's Plumbing and let us repair this before it gets too serious.  And if by chance a new toilet is needed, don't stress.   We'll counsel you on the best toilet for your home and install it so you don't have to worry.   Old toilets use a lot of water.  Often times more than twice as much water as a new toilet.  Think of what that can do to your water bill! 

Whether it's a simple repair or a new toilet installation give us a call and we'll spring into action for you. 

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Best plumber ever.  Nice, reliable and very reasonable. 

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